Elite Game NES

Elite NES is one of the most revolutionary games ever created. Some experts call Elite ROM the mother of all games. Free game model and brandnew type of graphics lead to a great success of the game. According to some estimations the number of game copies sold for BBC Micro is comparable with the number of sold computers - 150 thousand. This served the reason for porting Elite to all personal computers and appearing of many sequels and clones.

Even now after 30 years from first release, Elite is often used as a pattern for assessment of new games of the genre. Many experts express the opinion that all the other games of this type imitated Elite but were not able to surpass it. One may say it is an exaggeration, but anyway Elite game is one of the most original and successful space simulators for personal computers.

General use of pseudo-random sequences generator allowed in such small memory size to built such diverse universe with lots of adventures. This achievement even at present surprise many fans of Elite from all parts of the world. In just 22 KB of program code developers managed to hold the whole iniverse with 2^48 galaxies, each containing 256 star systems. Since only 8 galaxies may exist in the game, the number of variations is about 35 trillion.

A player initially named Commander Jameson starts a game on orbital station of the planet Lave, having 100 credits and lightly armed ship Cobra-MK3 in his possession. Most of the vehicles presented in Elite got their name from snakes or other reptiles. You can earn money (credits) by many ways: through selling, pirating, war missions, mining asteroids and as an assasin as well. The money gained may be used to advance your ship - to acquire better weapon, armor, expand room for loads and so on.

There is no formal goal in the game. It is declared that Elite has from two to seven missions (depending on game version) - saving people from the system the star of which is becoming a Supernova; finding a Cloaking Device; destroing orbital station of Targoids. All the time rest a player may devote to exploring outer space and to achieving the highest rank - Elite.

You can play Elite Game PC on the main page. Here you may play a Java version.

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