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The famous Elite is known first of all for its globality - it is almost impossible to fly over the whole space allocated in the game. You play for a pilot of a space craft. Initially it is more like a transport vehicle capable of minimum defense but not of confronting a serious threat. Incidentally a battle path is also abailable for a player after changing transport ship to something more formidable even without big holds. However you need money for upgrades so you'll have to start with a peaceful occupation - transporting freights to profitable routes. Buy low, sell high. This speculation principle is one of the major rules in Elite. For the most active pilots there is a shady smuggling way - prohibited goods give higher profit, but attract extra attention of the interested services. There is no problem to choose the means to earn money. You may still proceed earning by transportation and keep increasing the capacity of your ship or you may take martial way, which is in turn divided into pirate and counter-pirate ones. Depending on your choice the game process may vary significantly.

Now a few words about graphics. In original Elite for PC is realized in CGA. It means that you'll see only four colors. However it is pardonable for 1987. On the other hand vehicle models are poligonous, though without textures. Inspite of schematic character of graphics they are very functional. For that time Elite was technically very strong product.

Elite classic is pretty tough game though it has simple and easy-to-understand game mechanics. If one shuts his eyes to technical part, it becomes easy to learn all the tricks of gameplay. However if you are afraid of exactly graphics, you may try a later game for MS-DOS - Elite Plus.

This game is loved by millions so there is no surprise there is a dozen of Elite remakes out there. The most worth seeing ones, I daresay, are Elite The New Kind and Oolite.

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Elite for DOS (including DosBox)

Elite for Windows

Oolite for Windows

Elite ROM for ZX-Spectrum

Elite ROM for Nintendo

Elite ROM for Sega Genesis